Doubles Ladder League

In addition to our social club sessions, we also run a doubles ladder league via the Sportconnexions service. This gives you the opportunity to play against a variety of opponents around your own playing level, in a more competitive environment.

How does it work?

  1. Download the app (Apple, Android).
  2. Sign up and choose a play level.
  3. Add a partner by email address.
  4. Choose how frequently you want to play.
  5. Arrange with your partner and opponents when to play your games, either during a club session (included with your membership) or at another venue (at your own cost).
  6. After you’ve played, enter the scores via the app.
  7. If you beat your opponents, you move ahead of them in the ladder. Lose, and you move down a spot.
  8. Wait for the next round! At the end of each season the results are announced via email, with special notice given to players who improve the most.

Would you rather just play a friendly game? The app can also suggest matches based on your level preferences (good for challenge matches), though these won’t count towards your ladder results.

Rules and useful info

  1. Each ladder game is a single game to 15 points, win by 2.
  2. Switch sides when a team reaches 8.
  3. Players of any gender can sign up as a team.
  4. You can change your partner at any time in the app, e.g. if your partner is unable to play, or you simply wish to mix it up.
  5. For now, there is just the one ladder available. If the ladder is a success, we will roll out additional doubles ladders, perhaps singles too.
  6. If you wish to submit your match result to DUPR, please let a member of the technical committee know, as we can submit match results through our club. There is a custom profile field on Playerlineup where you can enter your DUPR ID, for easy reference. Don’t have a DUPR account? Sign up here. It’s a useful way to obtain a portable player rating.